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Get It Delivered: What You Should Know About Furniture Delivery

by Wallace Gonzales

The convenience of buying a new bedroom set or dining room table with chairs and having it delivered straight to your home is hard to beat. Many furniture stores offer home delivery for free or reduced prices in order to tempt you into purchasing more than you would otherwise. But having furniture delivered does require some work on your part. Here's how to be ready:

Know what to expect.

Before you make delivery arrangements, know what the team can and cannot do. For example, some stores can haul away your old mattress or upholstered furniture for an additional fee; however, your store may not be able to do so.

In most cases, delivery people can't touch or move existing furnishings. This is due to liability -- they don't want to break your items, and their bosses don't want them hospitalized if an especially heavy or unstable item falls on them. Understand what they'll be able to do based on the type of furnishings you are buying.

Are you buying an appliance or electronic item? Find out if installation is included in the delivery cost. Some delivery people cannot do any type of installation and you'll need to hire an expert if you need help.

Think like a delivery person.

The people who bring your furniture to you are used to handling and moving around large pieces of furniture, but there are some things you can do to make it easy for them.

First, look at the route they'll have to take to move the furniture into your home, starting at the door. Maybe the front door isn't the closest, or maybe it doesn't open very wide, so think about the best door to use for access.

Then, trace the steps they'll take to the place where you want the furniture item to be positioned or installed. You'll want to prepare that route by:

  • Removing all pictures, mirrors and other wall hangings. It's easy for delivery people to accidentally brush against a wall, and you don't want anything to fall and break.
  • Make sure the final resting place for the furniture is clear. Even if there is another item, like a mattress, that you are removing, it needs to be out of the way.
  • Secure your pets so they don't get alarmed by the new person in your home and/or get underfoot.

Plan to tip.

Furniture delivery is a service, and tips are a good way to show your appreciation for the help.

Estimate $5 to $10 per team member -- higher if the item is particularly heavy. While tipping is never required, it will be a nice gesture for people taking the time to deliver to your house and position the item where you want it to go.

If you have any questions about how and when your delivery is scheduled, be sure to contact a furniture store like Tristate Furniture so you know exactly what to anticipate.