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Treat Them Right: Simple Ways To Drape 3 Troubling Window Configurations

by Wallace Gonzales

Beautiful draperies improve the look of any room in a house or apartment. The problem is deciding what type of draperies to hang. This decision is difficult enough with all the styles and fabric choices available under normal conditions, but what a conundrum when troubling configurations come into play. Here are simple ways to drape awkward, arched and sliding-glass-door window configurations.

Awkward Windows

Window beauty is in the eye of the person beholding it, but there are decidedly awkward window configurations that make dressing them pure drudgery. Among the most awkward to dress are triangular-topped and accordion-style windows.

For a triangular window perched above rectangular windows, install a straight curtain rod just above the rectangular ones. Drape the rectangular windows, and leave the triangular top bare. This allows natural light to come through, making them more appealing.

Apply a similar trick to accordion-style windows. Hang a straight curtain rod across the length of the accordion panes. This time, use draperies that are opaque enough to conceal the pointed-glass panes.

Arched Windows

Apply the straight-curtain-rod technique again. This time, install two rods. One rod begins at the wall adjacent to the window with the arch. The other rod hangs in front of the arched windows.

You will end up hanging two sets of drapes at an angle. This gives off an appearance that the drapes are there to cover standard, rectangular windows, when they are working together to display the arch in a subtle manner.

Another option is to get an arched-window curtain set. These sets come with pre-sized curtains, hardware and rods to fit half-moon-style arches.

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are long as well as wide. Cheat the width by hanging two individual drapery panels on one rod. White is a wonderful color with which to drape sliding glass doors. Each panel can be pulled open to reveal light when you need it and drawn shut when you need privacy without completely blacking out the room.

This category of troubling window configurations also includes long, horizontal windows. Dress these windows without valances. Their length makes choosing a drapery tricky, but if you can live with ready-made curtains that just dust the floor, you can make long windows beautiful.

When you have more of a troubling window configuration than these quick suggestions solve, hire an interior design expert, like those at Sylvans & Phillips Drapes and Blinds, for help. He or she can create customized drape solutions just for you.