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Your Friendly Neighborhood Locksmith: An Undercover Security Expert

by Wallace Gonzales

If you are looking to install a new alarm system in your home, you call a local security company to perform the installation. However, if you are looking for potential weaknesses in your existing security system, contacting your security system is not likely to provide the results you are looking for. After all, it is quite unlikely that the company who installed your system will be willing to point out the flaws in that system. Thankfully, there is a local professional that you can turn to for help. This professional is your friendly neighborhood locksmith.

Why Call A Locksmith?

While calling a locksmith in the event of a lockout may be second nature, many people overlook the beneficial skills that these professionals possess when it comes to keeping potential intruders out of their home.

The primary job of many locksmiths is to find safe and nondestructive ways to gain entry into homes and vehicles after the owners have either locked their keys inside or lost their keys all together. This unique experience allows locksmiths to easily spot the flaws in even the most high tech security systems and advanced locking mechanisms. Through this ability, locksmiths are able to help you ensure your home is truly as secure as possible.

What Can A Locksmith Do To Make Your Home More Secure?

The exact services that a locksmith will offer will depend greatly upon the flaws in your existing security system. Consequently, the first step in the process will typically be to undergo a security audit. During this audit, the locksmith will inspect the locks used on all entry doors and windows. They will also look at other potential entry points and any video surveillance that you may have in place. After carefully examining your security system, your locksmith will be able to make recommendations for improvement. These recommendations may include the installation of:

  • high security locks
  • electronic keypads
  • motion detectors
  • closed circuit cameras
  • in-wall safes
  • a panic room

Will You Need To Hire Another Contractor To Do The Work?

Locksmiths will often be able to complete any necessary installations without the help of an outside contractor. In fact, if your locksmith recommends the addition of some high security or electronic locks, they will be capable of installing these locks the very same day. The only time you should be required to hire another contractor to do the work is if you plan on making structural changes to your house, such as the addition of a panic room. However, even in this situation, your locksmith like one from Bob's Lock & Key will be able to complete the portion of the installation that involves the security of your new addition.