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Keep Your Moving Expense Within Budget: Tips For Getting An Accurate Moving Estimate

by Wallace Gonzales

Moving your household can be an expense that puts a big dent in your savings account. If you have everything planned down to the last dollar, getting a final bill from the moving company that is larger than the estimate is something you need to avoid. To ensure the moving company provides you with an accurate household moving estimate, here are a few things that will help.


The person sent from the moving company is going to go through every room in your home. However, if your closets, basement and attic are just a jumble of clutter, he or she cannot get tell exactly what and how much is in there. Spend a weekend and declutter your home. While it is best if they can view everything, the next best choice is to box things up. Be sure to label the boxes with what is in them. The mover may choose to lift each box to test for weight in case they are heavier than anticipated.

Have More than Enough Packing Supplies

You can get boxes, paper and tape at a lower price than what a moving company will charge you for them. However, you need to make sure that you have enough to finish the job. Be prepared to send someone out to get more if you notice the supplies are getting low. The movers will just automatically use their items and add the cost to the bill.

Ask about Any Special Packing Requirements

You may own some items that are going to need extra packaging, perhaps an antique vase or a wooden rocking chair. Moving companies will provide crates and packaging to go around these items at an additional cost. As the mover goes through your home, ask if there is anything that will require special packaging. If the item is small enough to fit in your vehicle, you can elect to take responsibility for it and avoid the extra charge.


Discuss with the mover how much insurance you should purchase for the move. Many companies suggest insuring any item that has a value of over $100 per pound. You can always elect to take small items of high value with you instead of insuring them.

Discuss things like mileage and gas with the mover. Keep in mind that the price of gas may change quite a bit if you are not moving for a month or so. It is best if you can bet the estimate within 60 days of your move and have a binding contract to get a complete understanding of what you will have to pay once you get to your new home. (For more information on moving estimates, contact Wheaton World Wide Moving or another company)