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How To Clean Cellular Blinds

by Wallace Gonzales

If you have just purchased cellular blinds to hang on your windows, you will soon be enjoying the benefits of shade and privacy while saving money on your energy bill. Cellular blinds, or honeycomb blinds, are constructed so your windows will have extra protection from air leaking through your glass panes, allowing you added efficiency as a result. Since these blinds are made to look like an accordion, they are prone to extra dirt built-up because dust can become trapped inside the pocket that makes up each slat. Here are some instructions for you to use when cleaning your cellular blinds so they look their best without damaging them in the process.

Dusting Procedure

Blinds need regular dusting to keep them from appearing grungy. Use a feather duster on your blinds every few days to remove any loose dust particles and vacuum them up from your floor. Start at the top of your blinds and work your way down. Another dusting method is to slide a sock over each end of a salad tong. Simply clamp the tongs at one end of a slat and slide to the other end. Continue with each slat. For a deeper cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner brush attachment to suck up any dust from each slat. Dust and vacuum the pull cords on your blinds, as well.

Since cellular blinds have a pocket in each slat, this is an area where dust may be more difficult to remove. Blow air into each slat using a hair dryer or an air compressor to push through any dust that becomes embedded inside.

Cleaning Procedure

Dusting alone will not be enough to keep your blinds free from dirt. Take your blinds down from the window to give them a deep cleaning every few months to avoid discoloring. Fill you bathtub with warm water and add a few teaspoons of a mild detergent. Place your blinds in the soapy water and allow to soak for a few minutes. Wipe down each slat with a non-abrasive sponge.

Drain the tub and use your shower nozzle to rinse each slat well. Use your fingers to open the end of each slat and allow water to trickle into the pocket to help push away any dirt that may have been trapped inside. Bring your blinds outside to hang over a chair or sawhorse. When they are completely dry, hang them back up on your windows.

For more information on care and use of cellular blinds or other window coverings, contact a local home and garden company such as Homeplace Decorating.