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Caring For Your Copper Cookware In Your French Country Kitchen

by Wallace Gonzales

If the main decorative theme in your kitchen is French Country, the highlight is likely the bright colors that draw the eye in. One thing that almost every French Country-inspired kitchen has is copper cookware and copper decorative items. You may have chosen copper over other pan types because it demonstrates an excellent heat conductor when cooking foods.  If you've recently purchased copper cookware or copper and stainless steel cookware, you'll need to care for it properly to ensure its longevity. Here are just a few ways that you can ensure a long-lasting life for your copper cookware.

Preventing Stains

Stains are something that is common with both solid copper and copper coated cookware. One of the most common stains is caused from salt that you may cook with. This can become evident when you notice pits or dots of white residue throughout your cookware. Avoid this by bringing the contents of the pan to a complete boil before you add salt and other seasonings.  If you notice a lot of water stains, avoid using very hot water and make sure the pan or cookware is completely dry after use.

Avert Warping

Warping can occur when there are quick temperature changes to the copper. Generally, most solid copper pans and cookware won't warp, but under extreme heat changes and stress they can. If your copper pans also contain stainless steel, changes in temperature can cause a pan to expand and contract. As a rule of thumb, always gradually warm up your cookware prior to cooking. This allows for less strain on the entire piece.

Avoid Corrosion

Copper can develop a beautiful patina that is easily identified as a blue, orange or yellowish hue on the surface of the pan area. Most people prefer to not have that patina on the cookware they prepare food with. To prevent your pans from gathering a patina as well as oxidizing and corroding, always thoroughly wash your copper with a mild soapy water to remove grease and food debris. Dry thoroughly with a soft towel before you store the cookware. Stay away from gritty and chlorine-based cleaners, as they can scratch and harm the surface of your cookware. Never use abrasive cleaning cloths and avoid using metal utensils to prevent scratches and nicks.

Use A Quality Copper Cleaner

You should be able to visibly tell when it's time to polish your copper cookware. Once the copper finish starts to dull or light water stains appear, it's time for a polish. Polishing after every three to four uses is a also a good rule of thumb for remembering a cleaning, especially if you use your cookware on a routine basis. Select a quality copper cleaning that is gentle and delivers a shine and like-new appearance to your cookware.

By instituting a few techniques on a frequent basis, your Bourgeat Copper cookware will last a lifetime inside your French Country kitchen.