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2 Unique Picture Frame Ideas

by Wallace Gonzales

If you like the idea of decorating your home in a way that gives it a unique look then you should learn about some ways to get creative with your wall hangings. Custom picture frames are one good way for you to to give your home the look you want while displaying photos that you hold close to your heart. You can also make your own picture frames so you can mix things up a bit. To learn how to make picture frames out of things you have lying around the house, read the information detailed in this article.

Use old window frames

If you have old window frames in the garage, you can easily use them to create your own picture frames. You have two options when it comes to the paint on the frames. You can leave the current paint in place if you are going for a rustic look, or you can sand and repaint the frame if you want a fresh look.

You can leave the glass in the window as it is and use small pieces of clear tape to tape pictures on it in the design you want. You can also use paint to paint borders or designs on the glass, leaving spaces for your pictures to be seen through.

Use a glass panel door

You can find a glass panel door that has rows of glass with wood framing dividing them from one another. You can look for an old glass panel door at junk yards, yard sales online or even by getting the word out to your friends that you are looking for one.

You have the same paint options as with an old window frame, you can leave the old paint for character, or repaint it to a color of your choosing. Each glass panel is a spot for you to tape a picture to display. Also, you can add an extra touch to the panel by attaching hat hooks along the bottom of it.

While you can hang the door so it is up and down like a normal door, it may work best hanging it on the wall sideways. This way, it works as a long picture frame, taking up a large portion of the wall and all the pictures will be more at eye-level where they can be enjoyed easier.

Making your own picture frames and hanging custom frames is a great way for you to create a look in your home that has a uniqueness to it. If you would rather customize picture frames, visit a business like Artistic Wholesale Supply.