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Addressing Some Common Questions Concerning Painted Awnings

by Wallace Gonzales

Aluminum awnings are a popular choice with homeowners due to their durability and versatility. However, years of being exposed to the elements can take a toll on any paint that you use on the awnings. As a result, you should expect to need to repaint them every few years to keep them looking their best. If you have never had to paint an awning before, you may not understand this process, but learning the following couple of answers to questions should provide you with a much more thorough understanding about this process.

Is It Difficult To Repaint Faded Awnings?

You may have been filled with a sense of dread when you noticed that your awnings were in need of being painted. Fortunately, you should be relieved to learn that this process is not as difficult as you may have thought.

The first step in this process is removing the previous coat of paint. Paints for aluminum awnings needs to be applied directly to the metal to properly bond. As a result, you should use a pressure washer to remove as much paint as necessary. Any remaining pieces will have to be removed using a traditional paint scraper. Following this step, you will simply apply to paint using either brushes, rollers or spraying devices before allowing it to dry for a couple of days. Due to the need to allow it days to dry, you should avoid doing this work when there is a chance for rain or snow following the work.

How Can You Make The Fresh Coat Of Paint Last Longer?

After you have spent hours painting your awnings, you will want to take steps to ensure that they stay in the best condition possible for as long as possible. To this end, you should make sure to regularly clean the awnings. Over time, leaves and other items can start to accumulate, which can contribute to the color of the paint fading. Also, these issues can contribute to premature peeling by trapping water around the paint. By making it a point to remove these substances from your awnings at least once a month, you can greatly extend the lifespan of your paint.

Aluminum awnings are highly resilient, but if you have added paint, you will need to take special care to ensure that your awnings continue to look great. To this end, you should understand the basic process for repainting them as well as the importance of removing debris from them. Understanding these two aspects of owning a home with aluminum awnings should help you to get the most from this part of your home. For assistance, talk to a professional like Allied Awning.