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Three Tips For A Clean Mirror

by Wallace Gonzales

If you have ever tried to clean the mirrors in your home only to end up with streaks or spots, you're not alone. Mirrors seem tricky to clean, but they're really not -- you just need to remember some tips to help you get the mirror to gleam. These are easy to put into practice and don't extend the time it takes to clean the mirror. Here are three tips for cleaning that glass without a fuss.

Use Newspaper

Like window glass, mirror glass can (obviously) streak easily and collect lint. But instead of constantly scrubbing at the glass with different types of rags and paper towels, use crumpled newspaper to clean the glass. As with window glass, newspaper won't leave lint behind, it will absorb the cleaner well so that there are fewer (or no) streaks left, and it's cheap to use. Just remember to wash your hands well after using the newspaper so you don't transfer newsprint ink to the next items you touch.

Spray the Newspaper, Not the Glass

It's habit for a lot of people to spray the cleaner onto the glass and then scrub. But that can harm the mirror in the long run because the spray from the cleaner can land on the edge of the mirror and seep behind it, eventually causing the backing to corrode. That's how you end up with those brown spots along the edges of mirrors in the bathroom, for example. Instead, spray the newspaper and then wipe the glass with the newspaper. In a similar vein, for bathroom mirrors, wipe the edges of the mirror dry after you take a shower or do anything that results in fog forming on the mirror.

Use Water

Believe it or not, for most cases, you really don't need special cleaners. For most mirrors, some warm water will do. You should still spray the water directly onto the newspaper, though. Dipping the newspaper into a stream of water running from a bathroom sink, for example, can lead to droplets of water flying up as you bring the newspaper up from the faucet, and those droplets can drip onto and behind the edges of the mirror. (Or, if you're cleaning a mirror in the living room, the water on the soaked newspaper can drip onto the carpet.) Place warm water in a spray bottle and spray it onto the newspaper, making the paper damp but not dripping. Use a cleaner only if the mirror has gotten visibly grimy and needs something to cut away the grime.

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