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Tips For Troubleshooting A Gate Opener

by Wallace Gonzales

Gate openers are wonderful tools that can make your life a whole lot easier. Unfortunately, however, they do sometimes run into problems, sometimes after many years of use. If you suddenly start experiencing issues with your gate opener, it may be time to make the switch to a newer, better model. The newer models have far fewer problems, if they have any, than the older ones, so switching can sometimes be very beneficial. However, before you give up on your old gate opener, you may want to try a few basic troubleshooting tips first to see if you can get it working again.

Troubleshooting Tip #1: Reset the Control Box

Sometimes, the problem is not with the gate opener itself, but instead with your control box. These boxes have to handle a lot of signals and commands each day and sometimes they just plain get "confused." If your gate opener was working fine and suddenly starts acting funny, it may just be that your control box needs a reset to get things sorted out and to start fresh, the same way it can sometimes help to restart your computer.

Locate the reset button on your control box or simply unplug the box for a few second and then restart it. If your problem is fixed, then you're good to go. If not, then trying some more troubleshooting tips will be necessary.

Troubleshooting Tip #2: Apply Grease to the Components

If your gate isn't opening or closing like usual, it could be that your gate's mechanical parts are stuck in place or having trouble moving. This is very common in cold weather when metal components will contract and "freeze up" due to the temperature drop.

Applying a little mechanical grease to hinges and fixtures will sometimes clear the problem right up, so it's definitely worth a shot if you can't determine why your gate has suddenly stopped working.

Troubleshooting Tip #3: Replace the Batteries

If all else fails, you may want to consider replacing the battery to your gate opener's remote control. Failing or low batteries can cause a gate to act crazy, and, quite often, fresh batteries will return everything back to normal.

Replacing batteries, and really, all of these troubleshooting tips are worth a try, but if they don't work, then it may be time to consider upgrading to a newer and more improved gate opener to make your troubles go away and to get your gate operating smoothly again.