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2 Ways To Make Your Home Safer For Toddlers

by Wallace Gonzales

Toddlers are known for their curiosity, but they are also known for their clumsiness. You may have baby-proofed your home by placing plugs in all your outlets, locking up medicines and cleaners, and putting gates along all open doorways, but there are plenty of ways toddlers can get themselves into mischief in your home. Here are 2 ways to make your home safer for little kids to wander around without fear of them getting hurt or finding themselves in trouble.

Remove all climbing aids/cords

A climbing aid can be as obvious as a kitchen chair or as subtle as a box of diapers, but if your toddler can climb up on it, they will to get to higher ground and new places to explore. Remove boxes, stools, and even vacuum cleaners from rooms so you don't give little ones an opportunity to get hurt. If toddlers in your home are prone to dragging chairs around the kitchen to reach the sink or counters, then consider tying them to table legs so they can only be pulled out just far enough to sit on.

In addition to keeping anything that can be climbed out of reach of little ones, you also want to make sure that cords are out of reach as well. Children can pull on laptop cords, lamp cords, and other wired household items and pull them down on top of them. Bundle cords up so kids can't reach them or tape them along walls to prevent access.

Secure rugs

Rugs pose a danger to toddlers and young kids, as they can slip or bunch up and cause a child to fall. Secure rugs on carpet by tucking their edges under couches, chairs, or tables Use rug pads to keep rugs on linoleum or hardwood floors in place, so even if a toddler or pet were to run on them, they have a better chance of staying in place. Rug pads can be cut to fit the entire bottom of your rugs, or they can be placed in small pieces on the corners of rugs only for a secure fit to reduce or eliminate movement.

Toddlers are naturally curious, and they can make everyday objects a dangerous tool fairly easily. In securing rugs and keeping anything that can be climbed on well out of reach, you can help your wandering toddlers stay out of trouble. Keep an eye on your children to see what other curiosities exist in your home that can potentially place them in danger so you can create a safer home for everyone.

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