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Arranging An Interview Space In Your Open Office

by Wallace Gonzales

Open office layouts can be great for team building and collaboration, but they do present a challenge when you need private space for conducting interviews. Fortunately, there are ways to use office furniture to create a separate interview space that makes potential employees feel comfortable during the interview process. Use this guide to create a space for interviewing in your open office.

Create A Waiting Area

When you know you'll be conducting interviews, rearrange some existing furniture to create a waiting area. This will give applicants a place to sit before they are called into an interview, and it can help to make your office seem more inviting. Place a few chairs around a coffee table for a cozy seating area, and consider adding a coffee maker, cups, and coffee accessories so applicants can help themselves as they wait.

Build An Interview Room

You can use office partitions to build an interview room that provides privacy while you interview applicants. Tall office partitions are best for this, as they provide the feeling of a separate room. Be sure that the entrance faces away from the other desks and cubicles in the office, as this will prevent your employees from being able to watch the interviews. Place a desk and two desk chairs in the interview area, and place some brochures about your company on the desk. You can invite applicants to take a brochure with them so they can learn more about your company.

Add An On-Boarding Station

If you find your ideal candidate, you may want to start the on-boarding process right away. You can create an on-boarding station outside of the interview room to get new employees started with the hiring process. Place a table next to the interview room, and fill it with background check release forms, benefits packets, and other human resources paperwork you'll need to have filled out. You may even want to add customized tote bags with your company's name printed on them to the table. You can fill each bag with the paperwork your new employees will need to take home with them, and you can add a few other little perks to welcome them to the team. These perks might include a coffee mug with your company's name and logo or an ID badge holder they can wear while they work.

The key to creating an interview space is to situate it away from the main work area in your open office. With the right setup and a few select pieces of office furniture, you can create a space that is ideal for your potential employees to interview for a job.