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If You Install A Whole-House Humidifier, Do You Still Need A Room Humidifier?

If you live in a very dry area and need to have a higher humidity level in your home, a whole-house humidifier is a fantastic choice. But once you have that installed, don't get rid of your portable humidifier just yet. While you might not need to use the portable humidifier very often now, it's good to keep it around to handle specific circumstances. With the portable still present, you can still keep much of your home comfortable even if the whole-house unit is out of commission.

Blessed With Gas Heat, Yet Cursed With High Utility Bills? Proactive Ways To Slash Heating Bills & Retain Comfort

For residents across much of the United States, the arrival of winter often means the arrival of higher utility bills as the heating season begins. In more than half of these homes, according to information supplied by the American Gas Association, the main heating appliance is fueled by gas. If you enjoy the warmth and comfort of gas heat, but would like to improve the efficiency of your heating system while paring down the bill, the following tips can help.

Keep Your Moving Expense Within Budget: Tips For Getting An Accurate Moving Estimate

Moving your household can be an expense that puts a big dent in your savings account. If you have everything planned down to the last dollar, getting a final bill from the moving company that is larger than the estimate is something you need to avoid. To ensure the moving company provides you with an accurate household moving estimate, here are a few things that will help. Declutter The person sent from the moving company is going to go through every room in your home.