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    The Truth About Controlling Spider Pests Indoors

    You don't have to suffer from arachnophobia to want a spider-free home. Many people find spiders creepy, or they are worried about spider bites from a venomous variety. Getting rid of spiders isn't the same as getting rid of other insect pests, though. Before you begin attacking the spiders, make sure you understand what you are dealing with. Manage the Outside Environment Spider problems in the home usually first begin outside.

    Keep Your Moving Expense Within Budget: Tips For Getting An Accurate Moving Estimate

    Moving your household can be an expense that puts a big dent in your savings account. If you have everything planned down to the last dollar, getting a final bill from the moving company that is larger than the estimate is something you need to avoid. To ensure the moving company provides you with an accurate household moving estimate, here are a few things that will help. Declutter The person sent from the moving company is going to go through every room in your home.

    Kid-Proofing Your Yard – Tips For Landscaping

    If you have kids, you might think that your days of having a well-kept, landscaped yard are over. If you can get creative with your planning, your landscaping can incorporate your kids' day-to-day life. Here are four ways that you can have a well-landscaped yard and not worry about about your kids messing it up. 1. Find Kid-Friendly Inspiration Is there a family park that you like the look of? Find spaces that are kid-friendly that also have a style that you like.

    3 Great Outdoor Furniture Pieces For Your Backyard

    Spending time in the backyard is great because it lets you surround yourself in a fresh environment. If you spend a lot of time here, these outdoor furniturepieces are ideal to integrate into your backyard. Swinging Patio Bench If you like furniture with motion, a swinging patio bench might be for you. Designed specifically for the patio, these benches glide back and forth. You then get a relaxing motion to help ease your mind when outside.

    4 Tips For Maintaining Your Home's Foundation

    The average house weighs about 50 tons, while the foundation at the bottom weighs roughly 7.5 tons. The foundation is responsible for so much of the home and is expected to keep your home in great condition. The foundation protects the craftsmanship and durability of your home, which is why it must be cared for so greatly. If you own your home and want to protect the investment that you put into it while getting the best efficiency out of your home, consider some of these guidelines to help you along the way.

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Locksmith: An Undercover Security Expert

    If you are looking to install a new alarm system in your home, you call a local security company to perform the installation. However, if you are looking for potential weaknesses in your existing security system, contacting your security system is not likely to provide the results you are looking for. After all, it is quite unlikely that the company who installed your system will be willing to point out the flaws in that system.

    Treat Them Right: Simple Ways To Drape 3 Troubling Window Configurations

    Beautiful draperies improve the look of any room in a house or apartment. The problem is deciding what type of draperies to hang. This decision is difficult enough with all the styles and fabric choices available under normal conditions, but what a conundrum when troubling configurations come into play. Here are simple ways to drape awkward, arched and sliding-glass-door window configurations. Awkward Windows Window beauty is in the eye of the person beholding it, but there are decidedly awkward window configurations that make dressing them pure drudgery.

    5 Ways You Can Store Your Supplies in Garden Storage

    Even the tiniest spaces can have a garden, if you know how to do it. Storing your plants, pots, tools and dirt is the biggest obstacle, but there are mini-storage options that work with the space you have. If you want to know more about these mini-storage products, here are a few that may work for you. Up Is the Way to Go Vertical mini-storage is perfect for small yards that only have enough room when you build your garden from the ground up.