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5 Ways To Find Fabulous Apartments

by Wallace Gonzales

Are you ready to move into a new apartment but just can't seem to find a place that is able to meet all of your needs? If so, it may be time to broaden your horizons and start looking under some new rocks for the apartment of your dreams. Below you will learn more about five resources/apartment locators that you can use to help you find a truly fabulous apartment and finally put your search for a new home to rest once and for all. 

Resource #1: Property Manage Companies

If you are looking to quickly narrow down your options in the hope of finding the perfect apartment, choosing to work with a property management company can provide you with the fast results you are looking for. This is because these companies typically represent a wide variety of property owners with rental units available in many different neighborhoods and price ranges.

When contacting a property management company, be as specific as possible about what you are looking for. For instance, if you have always wanted an apartment with a heated flooring, be sure to share this information with the company representative. By providing specific details such as this, the property management company will be able to quickly search all of their available properties in order to determine which ones meet your needs.

Resource #2: Housing Authority

While many people are aware of the subsidized housing units that are operated by the local housing authority, people often overlook the role that this agency plays in the local rental market. In most locations, this agency will maintain a list of available properties, rental prices, and landlord contact information.

While you will be required to do a lot of your own research when choosing to utilize this option, obtaining a list of available properties from the local housing authority can allow you to discover properties that have not been advertised through other venues.

Resource #3: Department Of Social Services

Sometimes referred to as the Department of Children and Families, your local Department of Social Services helps individuals to find temporary and permanent housing on a regular basis. In order to accomplish this goal, this agency will need to maintain contact information for a variety of property management companies, apartment complexes, and landlords with properties that are currently available for rent.

While you can simply stop into a local office in order to pick up a list of available properties and contact numbers, you can also request that this list is mailed to you if you are unable to fit this pit stop into your busy schedule.

Resource #4: Realty Websites

Many real estate websites not only list houses and apartments for sale, but properties that are available for rent as well. Best of all, these websites will typically offer a variety of search options that may not be available through other venues. For instance, these sites may allow you to filter all available properties based on monthly rental price, square footage, school districts, or a number of other criteria.

The only downfall associated with this resource is that not all companies are quick to update their online listings. Consequently, you may come across quite a few properties that have already been rented.

Resource #5: Free Classified Ads

With so many free classified ad services now available, tech-savvy landlords have begun to steer clear of traditional advertising methods, such as newspaper ads. Consequently, local properties that are not listed in your local real estate section may be found by taking a moment to browse a few online classified sites. Just remember, while these sites can be a great way to find things, they can also be a playground for people looking to post fraudulent ads. Therefore, you should never send any money via wire transfer or other electronic means when communicating with a potential landlord through these sites.