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5 Ways You Can Store Your Supplies in Garden Storage

by Wallace Gonzales

Even the tiniest spaces can have a garden, if you know how to do it. Storing your plants, pots, tools and dirt is the biggest obstacle, but there are mini-storage options that work with the space you have. If you want to know more about these mini-storage products, here are a few that may work for you.

Up Is the Way to Go

Vertical mini-storage is perfect for small yards that only have enough room when you build your garden from the ground up. Makeshift vertical greenhouse kits allow you to grow plants on shelving space that is firmly attached to the side of your garage. There is enough space down below and close to the ground for you to store your gardening tools and dirt, while the greenhouse covering encases your plants with heat and plenty of sunshine. The covering zips up like a tent or has magnetic closures, depending on which brand and model you purchase.

Skinny Mini-Storage

This is garden storage that either hangs or builds up into very narrow spaces. It is similar to some of the greenhouse vertical storage units, but these products fit spaces that are less than a foot wide. Many skinny mini garden storage units are between six and eight inches deep, just deep enough for ice cube-shaped seed trays and small terra cotta planting pots. 

Heated Mini-Storage

Another option you should consider when storing your garden supplies is heated mini-storage. Garden fertilizers, chemicals, plant food, seeds and even seedlings need a very specific temperature to remain viable. Gardening and landscaping stores sell a few heated mini-storage options that you can install in and around your garage or home. Some are also tailored for rooftop gardening, which has become very popular in major cities.

Off-site Gardening Storage

A final option for storing your micro-gardening necessities is to store everything off-site. Many self-storage proprietors have begun to rent out smaller units to people who do not have enough room to store gardening items, but do have a micro garden they enjoy tending. This option is less convenient because you have to drive to your storage unit to retrieve what you need, but it can take care of all of your gardening needs, including climate-controlled storage.

If you have limited space, then you will need to decide how and where to fit your garden and gardening essentials. Learn more about your options by visiting resources such as http://www.magnumselfstorage.com.