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Kid-Proofing Your Yard – Tips For Landscaping

by Wallace Gonzales

If you have kids, you might think that your days of having a well-kept, landscaped yard are over. If you can get creative with your planning, your landscaping can incorporate your kids' day-to-day life. Here are four ways that you can have a well-landscaped yard and not worry about about your kids messing it up.

1. Find Kid-Friendly Inspiration

Is there a family park that you like the look of? Find spaces that are kid-friendly that also have a style that you like. You can bring these ideas to your landscaper to incorporate. If there are certain kid-friendly aspects that you like, such as sturdy plants or plenty of walkways and lawn space, your landscaper can accommodate this look.

2. Define Spaces in Your Yard

If there are fragile plants, fountains or statues that you just have to have, you can have defined areas that are of- limits to your kids. In turn, you should make another area for the kids that is more enticing for their needs. Playhouses, patios or yard space for games can be designated for your children. Fenced-off areas with special plants or accents can be a part of your yard, but not part of playtime.

3. Lock Up Your Tools

Having a well-landscaped yard involves a lot of upkeep and will involve tools to accommodate. Once you have your dream yard set up, you will need to find a place to keep all of your equipment. Be sure that all gardening tools, mowers and yard maintenance materials are stored safely. Make sure to find space in a shed or garage that the kids can't get into and accidentally hurt themselves. If you have overly curious kids, locking up sharp tools and poisonous gardening supplies might be in order.

4. Involve Your Kids in the Process

Once your landscaper has done the heavy lifting in planning your dream yard, make sure to involve your kids in details of the process. If you are making the final decisions on planter boxes, walkways or specific plants, involve your kids in the choice. Incorporate weekly gardening and upkeep into your family routine during the weekends. If your kids can start to take pride in their yard from an early age, they will be less likely to destroy it.

Kids and well-landscaped yards can coexist. If you can work with a landscaper like Superior Lawn and Landscape to come up with a well-planned space that incorporates your life, you will be more apt to enjoy your yard. Make sure to consider your kids when landscaping so that your yard is a place for your entire family.