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Ideas For Creating A Western-Style Landscape

by Wallace Gonzales

Choosing a theme is an excellent method for developing a creative and attractive landscape theme. One theme that can go well with brick or stucco homes, or even simple wood-sided farm-style houses, is a western theme. As an added benefit, a western theme is easy to modify to a low-water garden, which makes it especially suitable for drought-prone areas. The following guide will help you plan the landscape changes.


Chances are you don't want to depend on well packed dirt for your garden walkways. Instead, consider terra-cotta-tinted pavers or even cobblestone-style pathway bricks. Another option is to sink plain rectangular pavers into a bed of reddish-hued gravel.


Wood – or vinyl made to resemble wood – is the best option for creating a western style. For edging, consider using railroad ties or wood shingle edging. Another option is to simply line beds with large round river rocks.


As for fencing, few things evoke the western style like a rustic split rail fence. This style works well with both stucco and brick homes. If you prefer a neater look, perhaps more to the neat homes in some old western towns, you can also opt for the traditional picket fence. Picket fences look nice around homes with wood siding. Another option for stucco homes is a simple stucco fence, as was common in the western towns in old Texas and New Mexico.


You have a lot of options with plants. Generally, you want to bring to mind western rangeland. This means prairie grasses and low-water succulents, like yucca. Fortunately, there are varieties of decorative grass, yucca and other succulents that grow well in almost any climate, so you don't have to move west to enjoy the style. Wild flowers are also an attractive choice that works well.

Decorative items

Decorative items are what will pull the look together. A few old wagon wheels leaning against the fence or the porch work well. Bones, such as cow skulls, are also a popular option. If you want to really develop a style that portrays the freedom and adventure of the western lifestyle, consider adding some animal yard art to the landscape. A wild horse silhouette, a family of quail, or even a howling coyote can evoke just the feeling you are trying to achieve. Aluminum is an excellent choice for these items, since it is lightweight and durable, requiring very little maintenance.

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