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Creative Ideas For Container Gardening

by Wallace Gonzales

Perhaps you love greenery but don't want to spend a lot of time gardening. Maybe you simply want to adorn your patio or deck with plant life. Whatever the reason, you've decided to add a container garden to your landscaping. Get creative for beautiful container gardening that adds value to your outdoor living.

Layered Foliage Window Box

Less isn't more when it comes to container gardens – you want to pack the plants in. A window box full of pretty flowers is lovely, but consider adding layers of foliage for more visual interest. Start with tall flowers for the back, such as fuchsia and Jacob's ladder. Cluster a mixture of flowers and plants in the center of the bod, such as hosta, sweet potato vine, peonies and impatiens. Finish with trailers around the perimeter. Any kind of vine or ivy works well. Try to choose flowers and variegated leaves within the same color scheme for a more cohesive effect.

Hanging Basket of Succulents

As with window boxes, hanging baskets traditionally comprise flowers. However, a hanging basket of succulents not only requires far less care, it also creates an architectural look out of the plants. Start with a sturdy planter, and fill it with all-purpose potting soil. Utilizing succulents such as hens and chicks, sedum, and echeveria. If you want to add a trailing element to your hanging basket, consider adding string of pearls plants around the perimeter.

Edible Vertical Garden

Vertical planters are one of the hottest trends in container gardening. They're ideal for patios and decks because they don't take up much real estate while adding visual interest to the wall. Consider using a vertical planter as a centerpiece for your outdoor kitchen. Choose a variety of your favorite herbs to plug into the containers. A salad section is another option as there are many miniature lettuce varieties. It's even possible to plant small peppers or strawberries in your vertical planter.

Cluster of Containers

Another attractive option for decks and patios is adding a cluster of containers. Start with a selection of different-sized containers that nonetheless share an attribute, such as the same pottery style or material. For the plants, utilize a variety of colors and textures that nonetheless share an attribute. For example, consider a chic container garden made of different textures but all in green. For example, add coleus, ivy, asparagus fern and hosta to your containers. Alternatively, consider gardening with all the same type of plant, such as a variety of sedums or even ornamental grasses.

Enjoy a beautiful container garden in a style that fits your outdoor living and décor. To find the best planter for you, visit places like Shades Of Green.