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Controlling Weeds On Your Lawn: 4 Ideas

by Wallace Gonzales

Weeds can make an otherwise beautiful lawn look unkempt. That's why it's smart to have a few ideas to handle them as you see them crop up in your yard. The measures below will give you much needed assistance so you can keep those weeds under control.

Pour Boiling Water

A very simple method you can make use of when trying to stop weeds from growing is to pour some boiling water on them. One thing to be careful of, however, is accidentally hitting desirable plants and flowers with the water. That's because the extreme temperature will affect your other plants the same way as it affects your weeds; they will die over time. Be very careful when pouring.

Spray Vodka

A surprising tactic to use when trying to rid your yard of weeds is to pull out the vodka that might already be in your home bar. Vodka affects the natural coating on weeds that provides them with protection from the rays of the sun.  To try vodka as a weed killer, just fill one of your empty spray bottles with any kind of vodka. Spritz the leaves and the visible roots of the weeds every day or so, and watch them gradually wilt away. As with boiling water, take care to avoid any plants you'd like to keep.

Use Sodium Bicarbonate

For handling weeds that creep up between brick pavers or cement walkways, one weed-killing substance is likely already in your kitchen: baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate. The sodium in baking soda will absorb water in the area so that weed roots can't soak it up. Not only that, but salt will destroy the structure of the soil so that weeds are unable to survive for long.

Lay Some Plastic on Top

Another measure that can work to destroy weeds is to smother them for good by laying plastic sheets, tarps, or bathroom shower curtains on them. Without sunlight or much access to fresh water, the weeds will die. To make this work so that your lawn continues to look beautiful, you can cover the plastic with wood chips, chocolate mulch or pretty stones. This is especially helpful for the areas around the perimeter of your home where weeds grow right up to the edge of your house.

The pointers above will keep weeds at bay. Talk more with local landscapers like http://snydersweedcontrol.com/ to get ideas that might work well for your particular property.