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Using LED Rope Lights To Add Interest To The Rooms Of Your Home

by Wallace Gonzales

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to add flair to your interior space, you may want to consider LED rope lights. Changing the lighting in a room can alter the ambiance and increase visual appeal. Here are a few ways that LED rope lights can be used to add interest to the rooms within your home:


For an ethereal glow, rope lights can be attached to the back of the headboard or around the base of the bed, offering back lighting that could double as a nightlight.

The lights could also be added to sheer, wispy fabric and attached to the ceiling and bedposts for an angelic, feminine canopy. This works especially well for a little girl's room.

You could also suspend dark fabric with tiny holes from the ceiling and attach rope lights to the back of the material to make an artificial night sky with twinkling stars. 

In addition, for a cool modern design effect, the back of the frames of the wall art in the bedroom could be bordered with the LED rope lights. To further personalize the space, you could use the lights to spell a child's name or a favorite phrase on a bedroom wall. Thumbtacks, nails or small hooks are suitable options to secure the lights into place.

The Kitchen

LED lights in the kitchen can be added to the underside of the cabinets for additional counter-space lighting. Or, to accent decorative pieces on the tops of the cabinets, a border of rope lights could be installed around the top perimeter of the cabinetry.  

Lighting installed underneath the base of the cabinets can make it easy to navigate the kitchen at night and give a nice glow to the space. Using blue lights or other colors can add additional interest. 


Rope lights can be used in the bathroom to border a vanity mirror for additional visibility. Additionally, they can be installed under the vanity cabinets or around the baseboard. They can even be used to add interest to a floral arrangement in the space. 

If a sky light or recessed ceiling is present, a border of rope lights can be used to draw the eye upward towards the sky light, making the room seem larger and more modern. 

For more decorating ideas that incorporate LED rope lights, consult an interior design specialist in your area. The lights should be readily available at most home stores, especially around the holidays.

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